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Artist Statement

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Joseph Velasquez


Artist Statement



         In my work, I use social issues and provocative symbols to create compelling and unique narratives which invite the viewer to share my perspective on social activism and community engagement issues through my experiences. As a Latino Veteran of the US Armed Forces, I have lived in California, Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida, and these diverse geographic locations have shaped my experiences and my expression.

I have a passion for Printmaking and love the multiple process, which has taken my work into various bodies of processes and conceptual research.

Printmaking, as activism and as a tool for both educating in the classroom and in the public, continues to fuel my practice – I find inspiration in sharing the fragmented combination of my life experience.

The power of the multiple and the ability to share techniques and their histories are also major influences in my practice to continuously explore expression and connection.

In addition to my personal artistic activities, both teaching and community engagement have been major influences in my practice and research, and have greatly influenced my visual narratives.

My latest research has been to explore the possibilities and limitations of at-home Printmaking during the COVID-19 Pandemic through a series of DIY YouTube videos, allowing me to both share my passion and invite participation and collaboration from the viewer and the writing of a field manual for at home printmaking during the pandemic.

My influences include Chicano writers and activists such as Oscar Zeta Ocasta, Delores Huerta, and Rudolpho Anaya.

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